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Visitors to Berman's are often over whelmed by the warmth and welcome that is immediately felt from the get go. In recent years our membership has grown at a rate unknown by other synagogues in the area. While the original members of Berman’s were largely olim from English-speaking countries, the shul now enjoys three generations of members including young families who grew up in the community, new olim and even families from other parts of Israel who have heard about us. We invite you to sample our hospitality and consider joining our community.

Contact Jerry Kriger for further information.

If you are ready, you may the form below to introduce yourselves and create a "candidate account" (no obligation required).

Welcome to the Berman Community. Please supply the requested information to initiate an application for membership. Once your user account is set up we will ask you to log  in and enter all the details for you and your family.

Membership generally starts from Rosh Hashana and currently costs ₪1000 per year per family (₪500 for single-adult families). New members are also required to pay a one-time joining fee of ₪2000 per family (₪1000 for single-adult families); this may be deferred for up to 2 years of "temporary" membership.

Please include country code prefix (972 for Israel, 1 for USA and Canada, 44 for UK, etc.)
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