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Payments and Donations

Donations (always welcome) may be designated for any of the following: i) the Shul (default), ii) Member Dues,  iii) General Tzdaka, iv) Gmach  v)  Kiddushim (including JSK), and at certain times of year special projects (e.g. Pesach Fund).

Donations will be acknowledged with a 46a receipt that can be used to claim an Israeli tax credit (details here). We also now accept donations in US$ and issue a US 501(c)(3) tax-deduction receipt.

Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

This is our  preferred method for receiving payments. Please use the following links to reach our donation page. : (English version) or (גרסה בעברית) 
Sorry, we are unable to accept American Express at this time.

  1. Your total owed from the signup sheet + any desired tzedaka contribution is entered into the Total Contribution box at the top. This is the only charge your credit card will show. 
  2. Please enter the other individual amounts for Annual Family Dues, Seats, etc. from your form, and your tzedaka contribution, as these help us assign the individual amounts into the correct accounts in the bookkeeping system.
  3. You will receive automatic email confirmation by email with a 46a receipt for your total donation attached as a PDF file.

Bank Transfer 

  1. Use your Internet banking service to make a transfer as per these details:
    Payee: Jacob Berman Community Center or מרכז קהילתי ע"ש יעקב ברמן.
    Bank No. 20 (Mizrachi Bank)
    Branch 434 (Herzl 35, Rehovot)
    Account No. 514880
  2. If your on-line banking allows it, please add a useful  identifying annotation e.g. "shul fees for XXXX family"
  3. Please send e-mail to, making sure to include your name, where to send the receipt, the bank transfer details and what the payment is for.
Tue, 3 October 2023 י״ח תשרי תשפ״ד