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תשלומים ותרומות


Donate now (english form)לתרום עכשיו

Donations may be designated for any of the following on the donation form:

  • The Shul | בית כנסת
  • Tzedaka Fund | צדקה
  • Yizkor | יזכור
  • Kiddushim | קידושים
  • Aliyot | עליות
  • Annual Dues | מיסי חברות
  • Joining Fees | דמי חברות
  • High Holiday Seats | כיסאות ימים נוראים
  • Psifas | פסיפס
  • And at certain times of year, other special projects (e.g. Maot Hittim).

Please note:

  • The donation forms above can accept most credit cards and Bit (unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express at this time).
  • Donations will be acknowledged with a 46a receipt that can be used to claim an Israeli tax credit (details here).
  • We accept donations made in US$ (via the donation form) and will issue a US 501(c)(3) tax-deduction receipt.
  • You will receive an automatic confirmation via email with a receipt for your total donation, which is attached as a PDF file.

Donations via Bank Transfer:

You may donate via bank transfer to the following bank account:

Payee: Jacob Berman Community Center or מרכז קהילתי ע"ש יעקב ברמן.
Bank: 20 (Mizrachi Bank)
Branch: 434 (Herzl 35, Rehovot)
Account: 514880

  • If your on-line banking allows it, please add a useful  identifying annotation e.g. "shul fees for XXXX family"

After you complete the donation via bank transfer, please send an e-mail to Please include the following details:

  1. Your name and email
  2. The bank transfer details
  3. What the payment is designated for
Mon, 27 May 2024 י״ט אייר תשפ״ד