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Welcome to the website of the Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center. We are a Modern Orthodox synagogue situated on the campus of Yeshivat Hadarom in Rehovot

Our shul membership currently lists approximately 500 member families, spanning 4 generations, most of whom made Aliyah from English-speaking countries.

If you are considering moving to Rehovot and would like to visit “Berman’s”, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Berman's Iron Sword Campaign

קהילת ברמן לוקחת את היוזמה לסייע לחיילינו בשטח

Iron Swords Relief Fund Donations






For All Other Shul Donations

Donate לתרומה

Prayers for soldiers | תפילות לחיילים

Submit a soldier's name so that we can pray for their safety.

מסירת שם של חייל/ת לשם תפילה לשלומו/ה.

Submit a name

Contacts & Information

Bereavement and Shiva Updates

Report a Bereavement or call  08-3740241

General Inquiries (Website form)

Become a Member (submissions/subscriptions)

Sponsor a Kiddush (Email form)

Education Committee (e.g. give a D’var Torah)


Reserve a Date (to list a private event on the calendar) (Comments/Suggestions)

Map How to find the shul

The main entrance to the campus is from Rehov HaGra

Who we are...


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