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Shiva Minyan and Meals

תודה על נכונותך להשלים מנין ו/או להכין ארוחה ב-/לבית אבל

Thank-you for your cooperation in helping to assure proper flow of minyanim /providing meals in/for the shiva house and fulfilling the important mitzva of consoling the mourners. 

The information and links below are subject to change. Please return to this page later, especially if a link you tried was not yet active. 


 Shiva minyan  

המקום ינחם אותם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים, ומן השמים יינחימו


Select a link below to open the signup sheet. Then fill in your name, and phone number in slot for name, and indicate which minyanim you can commit to attend during the entire week, followed by clicking save. Please note that a separate row must be filled for each participant (i.e., father and son would need to fill out two rows). 

If you need to change or delete your posted schedule, that is possible by left-clicking on your name and either editing or deleting your entry. Also, you can post comments (e.g., "I can layn on Thursday") by using comments box at page bottom."

  • Minyan Sign-up 

Shiva Meals

If you can help, please sign up via one of the links below and  indicate what meal(s) you can bring (scroll down and click on the "Take" link for any date still available). If you have difficulties, please contact Omri Flicker at 058.628.7976



Sat, 16 February 2019 י״א אדר א תשע״ט