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Berman Shul - Bulletin

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Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center

מרכז קהילתי ע"ש הרב יעקב ברמן


Parashat Lech-Lecha 5782 פרשת לך לך תשפ"ב



Green Pass Requirements Apply inside our Shul. Masks covering mouth and nose must be worn at all indoor activities and will be strictly enforced. Distancing at the kiddush is highly advised. As always, if you don't feel well, even if you are fully vaccinated, STAY HOME. Details of Green Pass rules may be viewed on the MOH/Ramzor website in English and Hebrew.

התו הירוק חל על בית הכנסת הזה. יש לעטות מסיכה המכסה את הפה ואת האף בכל עת בתוך המבנים הסגורים של בית הכנסת. דרישה זו תיאכף בקפדנות. אנו מבקשים ומציעים לשמור על מרחק נאות בזמן הקידוש (בחוץ) ומזכירים לכם שההשתתפות והסיכון הכרוך בה הינם באחריותכם האישית בלבד. כמובן, ככל שאינך חש בטוב, גם אם אתה מחוסן ו/או מחלים, אין להשתתף בפעילות בית הכנסת. פרטים אודות דרישות התו הירוק באתר משרד הבריאות כאן

Candle Lighting: Friday October 15 17:48


Mincha/ Kabbalat Shabbat/ Maariv:
17:58 (indoors and outdoors)
6:30 (indoors), 8:15 (indoors), 8:30 outdoor minyan cancelled this week- please see below
Mini Minyan 9:45 (outdoors)
Shabbat afternoon:
Mincha 17:25 (indoors); Shiurim; Maariv 18:38 (indoors and outdoors)

Havdala: Saturday October 16 18:45



Kiddush on Shabbat is jointly sponsored by the following members marking Yahrtzeits of their loved ones in the months of Tishrei/Cheshvan:

Vanessa Brooks in memory of her grandfathers, נתן בן יצחק ליפמן and דוד יצחק בן אברהם צבי
Gabriela Cohen in memory of her sister, Marta Kaplan - Rivka Gittel Bat Yaakov
Judy Davidovics in memory of her father, David ben Avraham Abish
Sheila Fieldust in memory of her mother, רליה רבקה בת צבי חיים
Lee Golden in memory of his father, גרשון בן אפריים
Carri Golden in memory of her father, יעקוב מיכאל בן מנחם מנדל
Peter Gordon in memory of his father, מנוח בן חיים
Peter Gordon in memory of his mother, מירים בת נתן
Shimon Krausz in memory of his father, Neville Krausz - יעקב בן צבי יהודה קראוס
Davii Leizerowitz in memory of her father, Moshe Chaim ben Abraham and Sarah
Izzy Leizerowitz in memory of his father, Moshe Natan Ben Menachem Mendel and Shoshana
Naomi Marder in memory of her father, Barouh Berkovits - ברוך בן נתן הלוי
Moishe Rosenberg in memory of his mother, לאה בת יוסף
Joel Rabinowitz in memory of his mother, Hannah bat Yerachmiel Halevi
Iris Sampson in memory of her father, Yaakov Aryeh ben Yitzahak Zvi
Sandy Sampson in memory of his father, David Yaakov ben Shmuel
Rachel Schecter in memory of her mother, Frances Gold Schecter Bat Mirel and R' Elazar Elimelech
Eli and Judy Schmell and Marcia Davidowitz in memory of their father, Yitzchak Chaim ben Shmuel Shlomo and Bracha Davidowitz
Shua Spotts in memory of his mother, Sara Spotts
Angie Ze'evi in memory of her father, Meir Tevya ben Arieh Zvi

For COVID safety, please take food and move to the side (do not congregate)


Hashkama minyan קידוש on Shabbat is sponsored by Penninah and Mechael Kanovsky




  • Mazal Tov to Orly and Mark Rocklin on the birth of their baby girl, and to David on becoming an older brother. Please help make their first weeks with a newborn easier by signing up for their meal train here -
  • Mazal Tov to Ilona and Reuben Wides and Tovah and David Shacham on the birth of their first great granddaughter, a daughter to their grandchildren Talya and Yisrael Clary, of Kibbutz Sa'ad, and granddaughter to Orly and Yonatan (Shaun) Wides, also of Kibbutz Sa'ad.

Engagements and Weddings:

  • Mazal Tov to Zippy and Arye Noy on the wedding of their grandson Yoav Yoskovitz, son of Nurit and Dvir Yoskovitz of Kiryat Shemona, to Tal Asoolin of Tzefat.
  • מזל טוב לציפי ואריה נוי על חתונת נכדם יואב יוסקוביץ, בנם של נורית ודביר יוסקוביץ מקרית שמונה עם טל אסולין מצפת.

Bereavement and Memorial זיכרון ושכול:

To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved (minyan/meals), and to see updates or corrections of funeral/shiva information, please go to

  • We are grieved to announce the passing of our member Dr. Chaya Gorsetman z”l, the wife of our member Rabbi Fred Gorsetman and the mother of our member Leora Gorsetman. The funeral took place Thursday evening October 7, at the Eretz Ha’chaim cemetery in Beit Shemesh. The family sat shiva until Thursday morning, October 14. המקום ינחם את המשפחה בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

SHUL ACTIVITIES, EVENTS AND REMINDERS תזכורות, אירועים ופעילויות של בית הכנסת

  • Participants in the Friday night outdoor minyan in the amphitheater are asked to use the southern part of the amphitheater so that those davening in the indoor minyan can enter and exit without disturbing the davening.
  • Yeshivat Hadarom will be having its first of several Shabbatot Yeshiva this coming Shabbat. As a result, access to the Yeshiva side of the campus will be blocked other than the residential area by the Ramim’s residences. Access to the shul will still be possible through Berman Street. Please note the following changes in location: 1) The 8:30 outdoor minyan will not meet this week on campus (please contact Omri Flicker for potential off-campus options this week), and 2) Mini-Minyan will move this Shabbat to the south side of the amphitheater (i.e. the side further from the shul’s entrance doors).
  • It has been TWO years since our last MIX-IT-UP Shabbat - and since then our community has welcomed so many new and lovely faces. We are thrilled to share that we are finally able to revive this awesome opportunity to meet friends, old and new, over TWO special back-to-back Shabbatot. On Shabbat October 30, Parshat Chayei Sara, the shul will be sponsoring a celebratory Kiddush in honor of our new members. We will have name tags prepared for all our members during the Kiddush. (Non-members are invited to receive a name tag by registering here.) On Shabbat November 6, Parshat Toldot, whether you are old or new, you will have the chance to get to know each other over a MIX-IT-UP Shabbat meal. Everyone interested in being "MIXED UP" for a meal, please RSVP by filling out this form NO LATER THAN Sunday October, 24. We will match individuals and families, and together you will decide who is hosting and who will be hosted. Lastly, if you are not yet a member of the shul, this is a wonderful opportunity to JOIN our fabulous community. Register here!
  • עברו שנתיים משבת ה- MIX-IT-UP האחרונה, ומאז הצטרפו אלנו פנים חדשות רבות! אנו שמחים שסוף סוף אפשר לחדש את המסורת של קהילת ברמן לקבל את פניהם של חברינו החדשים, עם 2 שבתות מיוחדות. שבת פרשת חיי שרה, כ"ד חשון (30.10), הקידוש יהיה בחסות בית הכנסת לכבוד חברינו החדשים. כל חבר יקבל מדבקה עם השם שלו. (אם אתה לא חבר, הקליק כאן לקבל מדבקה). שבת פרשת תולדות, ב' כסלו (06.11), משפחות חדשות וותיקות יוכלו להכיר אחד את השני עם ארוחות ה-MIX-IT-UP. כל מי שמעוניין להשתתף לארוחות שבת נא למלא את התופס המצורף לא יאוחר מיום ראשון ה-24 לאוקטובר. אנו נשדך אותכם, וביחד תחליטו מי יארח ומי יתארח. אם עוד לא הצטרפת כחבר לבית הכנסת, עכשיו ההזדמנות שלך! הקליק כאן!
  • From the President: Parents, we want to hear from you and your kids. That's right! Their voices matter! We want to see more of them! If you're a parent of a school-age child and/or army-age young adult, I'd like to talk to them about their shul experience and hear their feedback and ideas. Please contact me and/or Sara Cole Pearlman privately (or, for teens/young adults, they are invited to contact us directly). Emanuel - | +972-50-330707 (WhatsApp); Sara - | +972-52-745-8009.
  • Shiur in English about Shmitta (via Zoom), Monday night, October 25th [note new date] (20th of Heshvan) at 20:30, titled: “It’s Shemita (5782) – So Now What Do I Do?” The shiur will be given via Zoom. The link to the shiur is Meeting ID: 977 8318 6668 Passcode: 046346. A two page digest of the shiur can be found here: or on the Noticeboard.
  • We’ve received complaints from the Yeshiva as well as the Seminary about litter and other problems, some of which may be attributable to us. While we have undertaken to look into this further, please try to be extra vigilant and make sure we don’t leave litter such as ice-pop wrappers, cups, etc. on the grounds.
  • Minutes of the July 7th board meeting are available on the Member Documents section of our website (member login required). (The newest documents are on top).
  • דוח של ישיבת ועד ביה"כ מ7 ביולי ניתן למצוא בדף מסמכים באתר (דרושה סיסמה).
  • Volunteers needed to give Divrei Torah for parshiot in Sefer Beresheit. Please contact Mechael Kanovsky.
  • מי שמעוניין לתת דבר תורה על פרשה בספר בראשית מתבקש לפנות למיכאל קנובסקי.


Chesed links: If you require specific help during the Corona pandemic, please contact or for the Bikur Holim Committee, Freida Ollech at: (052) 678-2857. To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved, please go to Policy for MiSheberachs for the ill and additional details regarding Chesed activites, on our website, under community.

קישורי "חסד": אם אתם צריכים עזרה בזמן משבר הקורונה, ניתן ליצור קשר עם ועדת חסד, או ועדת ביקור חולים אצל פרידה אולך: 052-678-2857. ל"מי שברך" לחולים (מדיניות כאן) ופרטים נוספים היכנסו לאתר בית הכנסת בעמוד "קהילה".

  • The community has been joined by a large number of new families. Please see their details (and pictures) here: new families (note new link- member login required).
  • Welcome to Josh and Julia Weinberg, Sultana (9), Netanel (8), Benno (6), Bella (3)! The Weinberg’s made Aliyah this summer from Southfield, MI! Josh is a commercial real estate attorney and Julia is an interior designer. Contact info: Julia:, Josh:, 058-7247158; Josh: 058-6836109.
  • Welcome to Sherry and Joel Coffino! The Coffino’s made Aliyah a month ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota! They retired upon making Aliyah from being a business analyst (Joel) and an office manager (Sherry). Contact info: Joel: , Sherry:, Joel: 612-202-6542, Sherry: 612-599-8564.
  • Welcome to Moshe and Dina (Diane) Manheim! The Manheim’s made Aliyah to Rehovot from Atlanta Georgia in 2019, to be near two (out of three) of their children, and fulfilling a lifelong dream. Contact info:, Moshe: 055-500-1025, Dina: 055-500-1026.
  • Welcome to Rivka (Erica) and Chaim Vinik! The Vinik’s made Aliyah from Long Beach, NY to Rehovot in 2019, to be near their children (our members) Rachel and Avraham Pesach (Daniel) Vinik. They are now retired from being a commercial real estate broker (Chaim) and an elementary school teacher (Rivka). Contact info: R -, C - , Rivka - 058-570-3027 Chaim - 058-627-5365.

CALENDAR לוח זמנים

  • The updated Berman PDF calendar is available for download (here).
  • ניתן להוריד את לוח זמני שבת וחג וזמני תפילות PDF – כאן.
  • Live calendar below with full schedule of Berman events, and other happenings. Click on any event to see details. If calendar doesn't appear click here.
  • הלוח להלן כולל את לוח הזמנים המלא של כל האירועים הרשמיים של קהילת ברמן ואירועים אחרים. הקישו על האירוע לקבלת פרטים נוספים. אם הלוח לא מופיע, לחצו כאן.
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva, etc.) are requested to have their event listed as an anonymous "private event" to avoid scheduling conflicts. Register here or send details to
  • חברים המארגנים אירועים פרטיים (כגון חתונה, מסיבת בר/בת-מצווה, וכדו') מתבקשים להירשם כדי שנוכל לרשום את התאריך כאירוע אנונימי פרטי ביומן. המטרה היא למנוע כפל אירועים באותו יום. הרשם בקישור זה או לשלוח פרטים ל


Please note that we take no responsibility for the Halachic propriety, kashrut, or safety of items listed. By posting in the Berman bulletin you understand that the details you provide are likely to remain publicly visible on the internet. We cannot remove announcements from our archives after a notice has run.

  • Beit Midrash Le'tanach will have its next lecture (in Hebrew) this Monday October 18th at 20:00 at Beit Yad Lebanim Rechov Habanim 10. For more information: Rami Shaanani.
  • המפגש הקרוב של בית המדרש לתנ'ך יתקיים ביום שני י"ב בחשון תשפ"ב 18.10 בבית יד לבנים בשעה 20:00 המרצה: פרופ' דפנה ברק-ארז שופטת בית המשפט העליון הנושא: על צדק תנכי ומשפט ישראלי.
  • Outdoor mincha/kabbalat Shabbat minyan in the Yekev on Hanasi Harishon Street this week at 18:00. Daily Mincha/Maariv tonight at 18:00 / next week 17:55. You can subscribe to the Whatsapp group at:
  • מנין מנחה/קבלת שבת בחוץ ביקב ברחוב הנשיא הראשון השבוע בשעה 18:00. ניתן להצטרף קבוצת הוואטסאפ ב
  • ESRA Rehovot presents via Zoom, Wednesday, October 20, 19:30, a talk by Dr. Tamir Klein on "Riddles of the Roots." Dr. Klein will enlighten us as to how trees interact with soil bacteria and fungi to manage forests from below. At the Weizmann Institute, he is working to elucidate the underground network of collaboration in the forest - the fungi and bacteria in the soil that create an intricate community, and is leading a team of 30 students and scientists studying multiple aspects of water and carbon transport in and among trees.Cost: ESRA members NIS 25, non-members NIS 35. Registration: Booking Office at 09-9508371 (ext 2) or or A Zoom link will be sent to your email address once your payment has been processed. All proceeds support ESRA Rehovot project: Moadoniot (after school programs for children at risk).
  • Tutor available. Hi, I am LeeEl, a third-year student of Soil and Water Sciences at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture. I am also a tutor for middle and high schoolers in math and English (I am a native English speaker with a background in creative writing and teaching experience)! I live in Rechovot and can teach in person or by zoom whiteboard. If you are looking for a tutor, feel free to message me at 052-596-6663.
  • שיעורים פרטיים שמי ליאל, ואני סטודנטית שנה ג׳ למדעי הקרקע והמים בפקולטה לחקלאות של האוניברסיטה העברית. אני מעבירה שיעורים פרטיים במתמטיקה ואנגלית (אני דוברת אנגלית שפת אם עם רקע בכתיבה יוצרת ונסיון בחינוך). אני גרה ברחובות ואני יכולה להעביר שיעורים פרונטליים או דרך הזום. מי שמעוניין מוזמן לפנות אליי 052-596-6663.
  • Female roommate wanted. Two observant female students looking for a third roommate. The apartment is on Sderot Chen. WhatsApp tel 054-9799001
  • שתי סטודנטיות דתיות מחפשות שותפה שלישית לדירה ברחוב שדרות חן. וואטסאפ למספר 054-9799001

Last week's Basement:

  • Looking for a fun and warm babysitter for my 3 little boys 14:30-17:00 every Tuesday. Please contact Michelle Levi 053-965-1319.
  • We are looking for an aide for my 3.8 year old grandson. He is very smart and sweet, but quite hyperactive and needs some additional 1:1 attention. We are looking to hire an aide for 3-4 morning hours 5-6 days a week to assist him in a private gan in the Mada area. English speaker preferred. This could be a great fit for someone before/after the army. Male or female. For more details, please contact Arielle 054-7873244.





For bulletin submissions / subscriptions, write to לרישום או להגשת מודעות לידיעון כתבו מייל ל

Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center, P.O. Box 1146, Rehovot 7611101




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