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Berman Shul - Bulletin


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ידיעון עדכני, מהדורות קודמות ומידע נוסף באתר


Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center

מרכז קהילתי ע"ש הרב יעקב ברמן


Parashat Shmini 5781 פרשת  שמיני תשפ"א


Candle Lighting: Friday April 9 18:44


Proper donning of masks (up to the bridge of your nose) and distancing (2 meters) is mandatory. 

עטיה נכונה של מסיכות (קרי, מעל גשר האף) ושמירת מרחק של לפחות 2 מטר – חובה! 

Mincha/ Kabbalat Shabbat/ Maariv:
17:35 (early) [outside], 18:54 [inside]
6:30 [inside], 8:15 [outside]
Mini Minyan 10:00 [outside]
Shabbat afternoon [inside]:
18:50 Mincha; 19:37 Maariv

Havdala: Saturday April 10 19:44


Kiddush resumes!! (in a slightly different format) and is sponored by the shul

The weekly D'var Torah may be found here


Bar/Bat Mitzva:

  • Mazal Tov to Paula and Sandy Colb on the Bat Mitzva of their granddaughter, Galia, daughter of Sarah and Yaakov Funkelstein of Jerusalem. Mazal Tov as well to the entire extended family. 
  • Mazel Tov to Nettie and Leo Beer on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Eitan Miller, son of Yardena and Zev Miller from Modiin. Mazal Tov to Eitan's siblings, Yoav, Omer, and Maayan, and to the entire extended family.

Bereavement and Memorial זיכרון ושכול:

To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved (minyan/meals), and to see updates or corrections of funeral/shiva information, please go to

  • We are grieved to announce the passing of our member Sylvain Sternberg z”l, the husband of our member Florence Sternberg, and the father of our member Shelley Schwarzbaum. The funeral took place on Tuesday April 6, at the Rehovot Cemetery. Shelley will be sitting shiva according to the following schedule: From Wednesday through Friday (April 7-9) and on Sunday (April 11) she will sit from 9:30 – 13:00 at her parents’ home, Eisenberg 1, Rehovot, outside the building’s main entrance. On Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons ( April 7, 8, and 11), she will sit from 16:00 – 21:00 at her own home, HaGra 7/1, Rehovot; on Motza’ei Shabbat (April 10) she will sit there from 20:00 – 22:00. Shelley can be reached at 054-6476345 or at
  • We regret to announce the passing of Judith Abrahams z”l, the sister of our member Victor Gaba.
    The funeral took place on Wednesday April 7, at the Rehovot Cemetery.
    Victor will be sitting shiva through Tuesday morning, April 13 at his sister’s home, Rehov Ezra 50, Rehovot. Please obey coronavirus restrictions and visit only if you are fully immunized. 
    Nachum availim visiting times: 09:30-13:00, and 16:00-22:00.
    Davening times are Shacharit: 7;30, Mincha 20 minutes before sunset.
    Victor can be reached at 050-6220769 or at

המקום ינחם אותם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

SHUL ACTIVITIES, EVENTS AND REMINDERS תזכורות, אירועים ופעילויות של בית הכנסת

  • Chaya Tannor z'l memorial lecture April 11 20:15. The speakers are Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole, authors of popular book Sacred Trash about the Cairo Genizah. Join Zoom Meeting
  • Yom Haatzmaut. As Covid restrictions ease and case numbers dramatically decrease, we can finally come back together and celebrate Yom haatzmaut as a community! Please join us OUTSIDE THE YESHIVA GYM  (entrance via Meltzer St or Berman St, Maariv in the same place) for (individually portioned) Felafel, music, Covid friendly entertainment and most importantly, socializing with friends in the community. For both Covid19 safety reasons, and for catering purposes, we ask that you register your attendance:
  • *אירוע לכבוד יום העצמאות*: הקהילה מוזמנת לחגוג ביחד את חג יום העצמאות. התפילה והאירוע יתקיימו *מחוץ לגימנסיון של הישיבה* (הכניסה ברחוב ברח׳ מלצר וברח׳ ברמן, מתפללים ערבית בותו המקום). באירוע, שיהיה בהתאם להנחיות הקורונה, יתכבדו בפלאפל, מוסיקה ועוד הפתעות! נא הירשמו בלינק הבא לצורכי קייטרינג וכדי שנוכל להתכונן ולעמוד בהנחיות הקורונה. חג שמח!
  • Welcome back! The Shabbat morning Parshat Hashavua shiur will resume iy”h a week from this coming Shabbat, on 5 Iyar, 17.4, Parshat Tazria Metzora. The maggidei shiur will be Nachum Babkoff, Omri Flicker and Menachem Malkosh, in rotation.  Looking forward to reconvening and to renewed Torah discussions and insights in the back of the shul!
  • The upcoming AGM will take place on Sunday, 30 May at 20:00. The meeting agenda and relevant documents will be available in the member-documents page (login required). Please relay any topics you would like discussed to  up to 3 weeks before the meeting date. 
  • האספה הכללית השנתית תתכנס ביום ראשון ה-30 במאי בשעה 20:00. סדר היום והמסמכים הנלווים יהיו זמינים בדף האינטרנט של המסמכים לחברים (דורש התחברות). אנא העבירו את כל הנושאים לדיון אל עד שלושה שבועות לפני מועד ההתכנסות. 
  • Any shul member interested in running for a board or audit committee slot, please be in touch with the nomination committee: Shua Spotts (054 9573119) and Shmoiki Berkowitz (054 7754574). Minutes from the January 5, 2021 board meeting may be seen here.
  • Berman's kiddush substitute discussion group (moderated by Stephen Simpson) invites you to its weekly meeting on Zoom every Wednesday at 21:00. The topic will be announced in the calendar and on Facebook a day or two before. The Zoom link and the topic for discussion will regularly appear on the live calendar.


Chesed links: If you require specific help during the Corona pandemic, please contact or for the Bikur Holim Committee, Freida Ollech at: (052) 678-2857. To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved, please go to

קישורי "חסד": אם אתם צריכים עזרה בזמן משבר הקורונה, ניתן ליצור קשר עם ועדת חסד, או ועדת ביקור חולים אצל פרידה אולך: 052-678-2857.

  • The community has been joined by a large number of new families. Even if we cannot yet greet them in the way we would like, please see their details (and pictures) here: new families.

CALENDAR לוח זמנים

  • The updated Berman PDF calendar is available for download (here).
  • ניתן להוריד את לוח זמני שבת וחג וזמני תפילות PDF – כאן.
  • Live calendar below with full schedule of Berman events, and other happenings. Click on any event to see details. If calendar doesn't appear click here.
  • הלוח להלן כולל את לוח הזמנים המלא של כל האירועים הרשמיים של קהילת ברמן ואירועים אחרים. הקישו על האירוע לקבלת פרטים נוספים. אם הלוח לא מופיע, לחצו כאן.
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva, etc.) are requested to have their event listed as an anonymous "private event" to avoid scheduling conflicts. Register here or send details to
  • חברים המארגנים אירועים פרטיים (כגון חתונה, מסיבת בר/בת-מצווה, וכדו') מתבקשים להירשם כדי שנוכל לרשום את התאריך כאירוע אנונימי פרטי ביומן. המטרה היא למנוע כפל אירועים באותו יום. הרשם בקישור זה או לשלוח פרטים ל


Please note that we take no responsibility for the Halachic propriety, kashrut, or safety of items listed. By posting in the Berman bulletin you understand that the details you provide are likely to remain publicly visible on the internet. We cannot remove announcements from our archives after a notice has run.

  • Foreign caregiver (Female) from the Phillipines is available immediatley due to the death of her Caree. Strong preference for Rehovot, ideally north side of the city. For details please text or WhatsApp Shelley 054-647-6345. 
  • Babysiter needed. I'm looking for an afternoon babysitter for my very active and cute 3 yo. I work from home and would ideally love it if the babysitter could pick up my little one from gan (about a kilometer away) and bring him home or to the park and help with dinner, bath and bedtime (flexible about gan pick up). I'm looking for someone 2-3 evenings a week from about 17:00-20:00 for at least the next month. More than happy to hire an adult or a responsible teenager. Please contact me by WhatsApp: 054-787-3244
  • Job Opportunity- childcare. Naamat daycare centers in Rehovot are looking to hire several metaplot. Part time and full time options. Typical day is 7-4, but there is definitely flexibility. Hebrew required. Contact Ravit for more info +972 52-6064679

Last week's Basement:

  • Giveaway. Wooden oval dining table which can be extended to seat 8 in good condition, free for the asking. Contact Sidney




For bulletin submissions / subscriptions, write to לרישום או להגשת מודעות לידיעון כתבו מייל ל

Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center, P.O. Box 1146, Rehovot 7611101

Mon, 12 April 2021 ל ניסן תשפ״א