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Berman Shul - Bulletin

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Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center

מרכז קהילתי ע"ש הרב יעקב ברמן



Parashat Chukat 5782 פרשת חקת תשפ"ב



COVID. If you don't feel well, or have respiratory symptoms, please do not enter the Shul.

קורונה. אם אינך חש בטוב, נא לא להכנס לבית הכנסת.


Candle Lighting: Friday July 1 19:29


Mincha/ Kabbalat Shabbat/ Maariv:
18:10 (early, also outdoors), 19:39
6:30, 8:15
Mini Minyan 9:45 (outdoors); Midi Minyan (school age) 9:45 (in the library)
Shabbat afternoon:
Mincha 19:15; Shiurim; Maariv 20:26 (also outdoors)

Havdala: Saturday July 2 20:33


Weekdays: Shacharit 6:30; Mincha 19:35; Maariv 19:50 (שקיעה)


Kiddush on Shabbat is sponsored by the Shul


Hashkama Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Vera and Shalom Bronner



Academic Achievement:

  • Congratulations to our member Shoshana Dekel on receiving her Ph.D. in social work from Bar-Ilan University. Mazal Tov as well to her family, and her parents Esther and Aryeh Frimer.
  • מיטב האיחולים לחברתנו שושנה דקל על קבלת תואר שלישי בעבודה סוציאלית מאוניברסיטת בר-אילן. כמו כן מזל טוב למשפחתה, ולהוריה אסתר ואריה פרימר.

Bereavement and Memorial זיכרון ושכול:

To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved (minyan/meals), and to see updates or corrections of funeral/shiva information, please go to

  • We regret to announce the passing of Mordechai Yunger z”l, the father of our member Racheli Pineles. The funeral is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, June 30, at 15:30, at the Segula cemetery in Petach Tikva. Racheli will be sitting shiva through Wednesday morning, July 6, at her father’s home, Ha’Yitzhar 21B, Hashmona’im. She can be reached at 058-6007802.  Visiting hours are from 9:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 21:30. Davening times are: Shacharit: 7:00; Mincha: 19:30, followed by Ma’ariv. Please refer to the bereavement website page regularly ( for all additional updates. המקום ינחם אותה בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
  • The Rosenbergs wish to thank all members of Bermans and beyond, who helped to ensure that there were three daily minyanim, and for all the support (and food) provided to ease this time of grief. It is, indeed, a privilege, not to be taken lightly, to be part of this wonderful community. A special thanks to Elliot and Gavriel (Dobin) for enabling Moishe to daven with all the necessary paraphernalia.

SHUL ACTIVITIES, EVENTS AND REMINDERS תזכורות, אירועים ופעילויות של בית הכנסת

  • Found (left behind at AGM). Water bottle and key. If it is yours, you can take it from the Shul lobby.
  • The shul wants to know how to best address your communications needs and preferences. Please take 1-2 minutes to complete the survey at this link (but only if you haven't done so already)
  • Thank you to both veteran and new board members for their ongoing dedication to the shul. Special thanks to the outgoing treasurer, Gerry Tanny, for his decade-plus of devoted service, and to outgoing board member Daniel Schwartz. Welcome (back) to the new board: Emanuel Weisgras, Jerry Kriger, David Colb, Shmulie Pineles, Pinchas Levinson, Vanessa Brooks, Dov Kanon, Mechael Kanovksy, Deena Lederman, Susan Rubin, and Rami Shanani. Thank you to outgoing audit committee member Daniel Feigelson, and to the continuing/incoming committee David Barkai, Sarabeth Weisel, and Mike Zeevi.
  • Jointly sponsored Yahrtzeit kiddush - Tamuz. The Tamuz JSK will be held on July 16th, Parashat Pinchas. To participate in the kiddush, please contact Judd Bogdansky no later than Monday, July 11th. Participation: 150 NIS per person memorialized. Judd confirms all emails he receives; if you do not hear back, please follow up. Your kiddush pledge or other donations may be paid at
  • קידוש משותף לימי זיכרון תמוז. הקידוש המשותף לציון ימי זיכרון (יארצייט) של חודש תמוז יתקיים בשבת פרשת פנחס ה16 ליולי. אם ברצונך להשתתף נא ליצור קשר עם ג'וד בוגדנסקי ( לא יאוחר מיום שני, 11 ליולי. השתתפות: 150 ש'ח לכל שם. ג'וד מאשר קבלה לכל הודעת דוא"ל שהוא מקבל. אם לא קיבלתם מענה, אנא צרו עמו קשר שוב. אפשר לשלם להשתתפות בקידוש או כל תרומה אחר לבית הכנסת כאן:
  • "Midreshet Ha'Shabbat" lectures continue in the shul before Mincha. For schedule of times and speakers, see link here.
  • שיעורי "מדרשת השבת" ממשיכים השבוע בבית הכנסת שלנו לפני תפילת מנחה. ראה קישור.


Chesed links: If you require specific help during illness or other emergency, please contact, or for the Bikur Holim Committee, Freida Ollech at: (052) 678-2857. To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved, please go to Policy for MiSheberachs for the ill and additional details regarding Chesed activites, on our website, under community.

קישורי "חסד": אם אתם צריכים עזרה, ניתן ליצור קשר עם ועדת חסד, או ועדת ביקור חולים אצל פרידה אולך: 052-678-2857. ל"מי שברך" לחולים (מדיניות כאן) ופרטים נוספים היכנסו לאתר בית הכנסת בעמוד "קהילה".

  • The community has been joined by a large number of new families. Please see their details (and pictures) here: new families (note member login required).

CALENDAR לוח זמנים

  • The Berman PDF calendar is available for download (here).
  • ניתן להוריד את לוח זמני שבת וחג וזמני תפילות PDF – כאן.
  • Live calendar below with full schedule of Berman events, and other happenings. Click on any event to see details. If calendar doesn't appear click here.
  • הלוח להלן כולל את לוח הזמנים המלא של כל האירועים הרשמיים של קהילת ברמן ואירועים אחרים. הקישו על האירוע לקבלת פרטים נוספים. אם הלוח לא מופיע, לחצו כאן.
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva, etc.) are requested to have their event listed as an anonymous "private event" to avoid scheduling conflicts. Register here or send details to
  • חברים המארגנים אירועים פרטיים (כגון חתונה, מסיבת בר/בת-מצווה, וכדו') מתבקשים להירשם כדי שנוכל לרשום את התאריך כאירוע אנונימי פרטי ביומן. המטרה היא למנוע כפל אירועים באותו יום. הרשם בקישור זה או לשלוח פרטים ל


Please note that we take no responsibility for the Halachic propriety, kashrut, or safety of items listed. By posting in the Berman bulletin you understand that the details you provide are likely to remain publicly visible on the internet. We cannot remove announcements from our archives after a notice has run.

  • Chatam library. The Beit Chatam Yaakov Glicksman Lending Library is open Monday afternoons between 16.00--18.00 2nd floor Beit Chatam, 1 Aharon Shkolnik. You can browse and borrow from our English Torah/Judaica book collection, buy 2nd hand books for ₪10 each, or even just stop by for a chat. ₪50 once off fee for lifetime membership. See our online catalogue (WIP) using this link For more information, contact Paysach at
  • Summer activities for kids. Is it hard to find activities for the kids during the summer? Want the kids to enjoy summer? That's what we are here for! A great summer day camp, with fun counselors (including English speaking), to entertain and occupy children, all not too expensive, on a week when it is hard to find keitanot. From 14.8 to 18.8 at 8:30 to 1:30, For ages 4-7. Limited places, so hurry to sign up. For further details, signup and questions: 0508936488 Leora, 0559105557 Erez, 0548633250 Shaked.
  • קשה למצוא מסגרת לילדים באוגוסט? רוצים שלילדים יהיה כיף? בשביל זה יש אותנו! קיטנה מעולה, עם מדריכים משקיעים, שיפעילו את הילדים, במחירים שווים. הקייטנה תתקיים בין בין 14-18.8 בשעות 8:30-1:30.מיועד לילדים בגילאי 4-7.לשאלות ,פרטים נוספים והרשמה: 0508936488 ליאורה, 0559105557 ארז, 0548633250 שקד
  • Looking for afternoon help. Need someone very reliable 4 days per week from around 5 to around 7/7:30. Looking to pay 1600 per month, negotiable. Responsibilities: *Being there for my 10 year old son when he gets home and preparing a good snack for him (e.g., smoothie, fruit salad, muffins, cut vegetables). *Being there to help him get to chug if he has or just be around if he is playing with a friend or by himself. - Light cooking/making order. *Helping with dinner preparation, doing some dishes and straightening up in the living area as time permits. May occasionally stay a little later if we're both stuck in traffic. I will often be working from home at the same time. Contact Amy (English) at 058-470-0613 or Shlomo (Hebrew) at 058-570-0613.
  • I have a Tallit that needs all four tzitziot replaced. I have the strings, will pay a student or similar to do the tying. Josh 0506220349.
  • Volunteer opportunity. Guide-dog tour guides needed. The Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind in Beit Oved is a non-profit organization committed to helping blind and visually impaired Israelis regain their lives by providing independence, mobility and self-confidence as well as renewed self-esteem and companionship through the use of guide dogs. We breed, raise, train and partner guide dogs with blind and visually impaired Israelis from all socio-economic sectors at no cost to the client. Many friends/visitors from Israel and abroad want to tour our campus and see first hand the amazing work that goes on here daily. We are looking for Volunteer English Tour Guides to work 1 day per week; approx 4 hrs total. Volunteers must commit to 1 month training period and then a year of volunteer work, and be able to arrive by car. To apply, contact Lisa Baron Haet, International Liaison, IGDCB, Beit Oved. T: 08-940-8213;;
  • Free parking (your reward for reading the bulletin down to the bottom). There is an underground parking lot off Achad Haam St that allows one to park for free for the first 2 hours. Towards the end of Achad Haam (approx Achad Haam 5) you will see a side block on the right. After making the right turn, there is an underground parking lot on the left. Anything beyond the 2 hours is negotiable (from Moishe Rosenberg).
  • Free furniture givaways. Couch - soft grey fabric, 2m long, wide enough to sleep on. Kitchen side table - solid wood, used as a prep table but well kept. Basic writing table with glass top. Two simple bookcases, both 2m by about 80cm; one has a small bottom cabinet. Faux leather armchair with included footrest. Wide bookcase with marble shelf- approximately 1.8m by 1.6m. Two double mattresses (1.4m by 1.9m) each with a bed frame or box. Contact Rafael Klein

Last week's Basement:

  • Registration has opened for the Yimei Iyun Betanach (Tanach lecture series) at Alon Shvut and online July 31- August 3rd. Extensive program in English, in addition to the Hebrew lectures. For more details and registration


In appreciation of teachers everywhere


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