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ידיעון עדכני, מהדורות קודמות ומידע נוסף באתר

Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center

מרכז קהילתי ע"ש הרב יעקב ברמן


Parashat Bereshit 5781 פרשת בראשית תשפ"א




Candle Lighting: Friday October 16 17:45


All minyanim are outdoors, and all attendees must follow the COVID-19 safety rules
Mincha/ Kabbalat Shabbat/ Maariv:
6:30, 8:15
Shabbat afternoon:
17:50 Mincha; 18:36 Maariv

Havdala: Saturday October 17 18:43


The weekly D'var Torah may be found here



  • Mazal Tov to Molly and Heshi Bodner on the birth of their twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl to new parents Judy and David Levitt of Rehovot.
  • Mazal Tov to Judy and Menachem Malkosh on the birth of a granddaughter, a daughter for Efrat and Asaf Malkosh.
  • מזל טוב לג'ודי ומנחם מלקוש להולדת נכדה, בת לאפרת ואסף מלקוש.

Bar/Bat Mitzva:

  • Mazal Tov to Susan Rubin and Eliot Dobin and family on the occasion of their son Benaya's Bar Mitzvah! Mazal Tov as well to Benaya's grandparents, Edward and Marcela Rubin of Colonia, NJ, and Aaron and Cecily Dobin of Far Rockaway, NY, who certainly would have been here to join us, were it not for the Covid19 pandemic. "These are trying times, and we are glad at least to be able to mark the occasion by hearing Benaya read parshat Bereshit this shabbat. We are aware that many in the community will not be there to share our simcha, but hope those who can join us, will. A small surprise awaits those who make the effort, in lieu of a kiddush :-) "

Army Induction- Tzahal:

  • Bracha Ve'hatzlacha to Noffiya Brooks on her upcoming induction as a psychotechnical examiner. We wish her a fulfilling service, and safe return home!
  • דרך צלחה לנופיה ברוקס אשר מתגייסת השבוע כמאבחנת פסיכוטכנית. אנו מאחלים לה שרות משמעותי ומוצלח, שתצא לשלום ותחזור לשלום.
  • Bracha Ve'hatzlacha to Aviv Golan on his upcomng induction as a psychotechnical examiner. We wish him a fulfilling service, and safe return home!
  • דרך צלחה לאביב גולן אשר מתגייס השבוע כמאבחן פסיכוטכני. אנו מאחלים לו שרות משמעותי ומוצלח, שיצא לשלום ויחזור לשלום.


SHUL ACTIVITIES, EVENTS AND REMINDERS תזכורות, אירועים ופעילויות של בית הכנסת

  • Thank you's: אמר רבא בר מחסיא אמר רב חמא בר גוריא אמר רב: אם יהיו כל הימים דיו ואגמים קולמוסים ושמיים יריעות וכל בני אדם לבלרין - אין מספיקים לכתוב חללה של רשות...Loose translation, even with unlimited pens and ink and paper (and in our case electrons) it would be difficult to list and adequately acknowledge all the needs of the community, and the people who contributed to giving us a slightly different, but no less meaningful, communal experience during the chagim. These include the more visible contributions of the gabbaim, baalei tfilla, those who lained, and blew shofar; the coordinators of the unaffiliated minyanim, who invited members of the shul to participate freely, hence reducing crowding; the Corona monitors who kept us legal, and made sure we stayed safe; the House Committee who provided shade, lights, and other critical amenities; Mini-minyan coordinators and friends for kids' programming and treats; the Halacha Committee for their guidelines; people who obtained permission for us to use the various on- and off- campus sites; Minyan and Zoom coordinators; water and chair shleppers, and mechitza hangers; website people who facilitated sign up, and updated the ever-changing calendars; our President for his calm leadership; and everyone who participated with cooperation and good cheer. In addition, thanks to the Social and Education Committees for ongoing programming, which has been the only way to see each other without masks, and to the Hospitality Committee for welcoming many new families despite the challenges of social distancing. May we soon be able to put the difficulties of COVID19 behind us, and use these creative energies for more 'normal' community activities.
  • Membership renewal. The shul continues to function, if differently for now, but most expenses continue. As always, the community has mostly been cooperative with registering their membership for 5781. This is especially gratifying as we contend with these difficult times both as individuals and as a community. As of now, we have 288 member families, of whom 210 have registered and paid – Thank-you. We also have 29 who have registered but not yet paid, and quite a few members who have not yet responded to our membership renewal messages. If you are in either of these categories, you can deal with it right now (payment instructions -, registration form – Your prompt cooperation will save work for our administrative volunteers.
  • Berman Bidud Support Program If you, or someone close to you is in bidud (quarantine) we are here for you! As your extended Berman family, we want to send you something small to help you smile in these tough times. Fill out this form or email Sara at if it's relevant for you or someone you know. Thanks!
  • אם אתם או מישהו קרוב אליכם נמצא בבידוד, אנחנו כאן בשבילכם! כחלק ממשפחת ברמן המורחבת שלכם, נשמח לשלוח לכם משהו קטן כדי להעלות חיוך בתקופה המאתגרת בה אנו נמצאים. נא מלאו את הטופס פא או לחילופין שלחו אימייל לשרה בכתובת במידה וזה רלוונטי עוברכם או עבור מישהו אחר שאתם מכירים. תודה רבה וחורף בריא!
  • Current affairs discussion on Zoom. As part of our shul's initiative to keep as many of us in touch as possible during these socially distanced times, Stephen Simpson will be moderating a current affairs Zoom channel. A suggested starting point for the evening's discussion will be: "Where to draw the line in a free society when there might be a need to suspend certain freedoms in order to fight an unseen enemy. If the enemy was more tangible might we pull together better to beat it?" The first meeting will take place tonight, Thursday Oct 15 at 20:00. Zoom details on the live calendar.
  • Women’s Shiur – Presentations (in English) by Shaindy Shain, Audrey Samuels, Avigail Gorodesky and Ellen Shankman Wides. Topic “Beged”, as in coat or garment. Sunday, Oct 25, 8:00 PM. Zoom details: Meeting ID: 953 5036 7911; Passcode: berman
  • Weekday Shacharit continues daily at 6:30 AM, followed by Daf Yomi shiur, all outside. Mincha, followed by Maariv nightly at the Yekev (Hanassi Harishon), times on the updated shul calendar.


Chesed links: If you require specific help during the Corona pandemic, please contact or for the Bikur Holim Committee, Freida Ollech at: (052) 678-2857. To report a bereavement, or to see arrangements to help the bereaved, please go to

קישורי "חסד": אם אתם צריכים עזרה בזמן משבר הקורונה, ניתן ליצור קשר עם ועדת חסד, או ועדת ביקור חולים אצל פרידה אולך: 052-678-2857.

CALENDAR לוח זמנים

  • A PDF calendar of shabbat times and other information is available for download (here). Many ongoing shiurim have moved to an online format, and links may be seen on the live calendar, below. Please print your own copy- no printed calendars will be available.
  • ניתן להוריד את לוח זמני שבת וחג PDF – כאן.
  • Live calendar below with full schedule of Berman events, and other happenings. Click on any event to see details. If calendar doesn't appear click here.
  • הלוח להלן כולל את לוח הזמנים המלא של כל האירועים הרשמיים של קהילת ברמן ואירועים אחרים. הקישו על האירוע לקבלת פרטים נוספים. אם הלוח לא מופיע, לחצו כאן.
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva, etc.) are requested to have their event listed as an anonymous "private event" to avoid scheduling conflicts. Register here or send details to
  • חברים המארגנים אירועים פרטיים (כגון חתונה, מסיבת בר/בת-מצווה, וכדו') מתבקשים להירשם כדי שנוכל לרשום את התאריך כאירוע אנונימי פרטי ביומן. המטרה היא למנוע כפל אירועים באותו יום. הרשם בקישור זה או לשלוח פרטים ל


Please note that we take no responsibility for the Halachic propriety, kashrut, or safety of items listed. By posting in the Berman bulletin you understand that the details you provide are likely to remain publicly visible on the internet. We cannot remove announcements from our archives after a notice has run.

  • **TODAY**Free drive-through Corona testing- no doctor's referral needed. Sponsored by the Rehovot municipality. Testing will take place on Thursday Oct 15, from 14:00-20:00 at the Pardess museum, Rechov Avinoam Nachmani (off the eastern kvish okef, near the train bridge). Testing is free and open to all. Please bring an ID.
  • ‏אנו פועלים בכל המישורים על מנת לעצור את שרשרת ההדבקות בעיר. עיריית רחובות מורידה חסמים בבדיקות הקורונה, על מנת שנוכל לגלות ולבודד את מי שחולה באמת ולעצור את שרשרת ההדבקות בעיר. כל מי שיש לו/ה חשש שנדבקו בקורונה, או שנחשפ/ה לחולה קורונה או שנמצאים בבידוד ולא קיבלו עד כה הפנייה לבדיקה מרופא – מעכשיו קל יותר להיבדק! ביום חמישי השבוע, 15.10 ייערכו בדיקות באתר הפרדסנות ברחוב אבינועם נחמני, בין השעות 14:00-20:00. *אין צורך בהפניית רופא, הבדיקות ללא עלות, רק הביאו עימכם תעודה מזהה! *יחד ננצח את הקורונה בעיר ונחזיר את רחובות לירוק.
  • Annual Mirtza Colb (Sandy Colb’s mother) memorial Shiur (this year, via Zoom), motz”sh parshat Noach (Sat. night October 24th), sponsored by Beit Heimfeld, presented this year via Zoom by Rav Elchanan Nir. Details (including Zoom link) here:
  • If you are looking for someone to tutor or help your kids with Zoom classes during the Seger I am your person! Shoshy Stern- 052-526-2604.
  • Thanks to the crew from Shevet Saar of the Religious Scouts for helping to erect and to take down Sukkot for the elderly.
  • US elections. [Please note that this information was communicated on the Chatam list; the Berman Bulletin has not checked it for accuracy]. If anyone is eligible to vote in the upcoming US election, DHL shipping is offering a 40% off coupon code for mailing in your ballot. They will come to your house, to pick it up and get it there within the week. You need a printer for the label and the ballot. The coupon code is: USA40 The link is: If you are not sure how to register to vote or get a ballot, go here. Depending on your state, you may be able to get the ballot by email. If you cannot get a mailed ballot on time, or can't figure it out, there are these emergency ballots.
  • Are you interested in training as a telephone Befriender? You can be anywhere in Israel! ESRA is offering zoom training to all our members throughout Israel.We are aware that during this pandemic people are not seeing their family and friends and are feeling lonely and isolated. Your help is needed to call people during this difficult time. Training dates for new Befrienders: 26 October, 2 & 9 November All three sessions begin at 11:00. Current Befrienders are invited to join the last day of training on Monday, 9 November. further information and to reserve your place, contact Cecily Spungin at 050-3731302,

Last week's Basement

  • Public WhatsApp groups that may be of interest to Berman members. The list may be seen here: If you know of additional groups, or have other suggestions, feel free to ad them to the list, or contact Sara Cole
  • Website with links to anything you could possibly need, during Corona and after, arranged by category
  • ESRA Rehovot invites you to an online talk via zoom to explore “Black and White Mysteries: Solving Unidentified Photos,” with Michal Minsky, Wednesday, 21 October at 19:30. Join us on a journey to “decipher” photos that are missing location information, photos that were taken in Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city. Michal will demonstrate how available tools can be used to analyze historical photos in order to determine where the photos were taken. Of course, we will enjoy black and white Israeli photo nostalgia in trying to determine the location of the photos. Join Michal for an hour of mysteries, iconic buildings, and the magic of a city which is long gone. Michal Minsky is the archivist of the PhotoHouse, Israel’s oldest photo shop, one of Israel’s most valuable and monumental private archives of historical photographs. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv and has guided tours of the city for over a decade. Michal has a BA in Art History from Tel Aviv University and has worked at the Bauhaus Center, the PhotoHouse and Eretz Israel Museum. She specializes in Tel Aviv and old Israeli photography history. Cost: ESRA members NIS 25; Non-members NIS 35‎. Registration: Contact the Booking Office at 09-9508371, ext 2, or write to, or logon to and register online. A zoom invitation will be sent to your email address once your payment has been processed. All proceeds support ESRA Rehovot projects.


Things we can do despite Corona: 1. Clean closets



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