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Member Registration 5782 (2021-2) הרשמת חברים תשע"ב

A copy of the Membership 5782 letter is available on the NoticeBoard.

  • Current members and candidates should login here before continuing with the form.
  • If you are joining the shul for the first time, you can create your own account via this link before proceeding.
E-mail address to receive confirmation and payment instructions

Enter joining fee installment (₪). 

New members are granted  up to two years of temporary membership. They must then complete their payment of a one-time ₪2000 joining fee (₪1000 for singles), thereby becoming full members. Temporary members residing outside Rehovot are allowed to postpone payment of the joining fee indefinitely. 


Seat Orders
Seats priced for members and their children (the first two categories listed) may only be ordered by current (5781) members or newcomers joining the shul for the first time. Anybody else attempting to book seats in these categories will be asked to correct the seat booking. 
Name of person to be seated
This is an optional field for you to indicate special requests abd seating preference (e.g. front, back, main shul women's balcony). Please enter your comment  only once for seats the in the same section/minyan - we do our best to seat you together and honour your requests as far as possible based on availability.
Click the + above for each seat required
While, obviously it is no longer relevant to book seats for Chagim that are now in the past, we are leaving this section of the form to allow members to pay for seats they actually used (without booking in advance) or feel that they might have used in a normal year. This is entirely voluntary.

This does not include your donation to tzedaka, You will be asked to add your donation when you receive payment instructions.

Please contact if you do not receive confirmatory e-mail after submitting your form.

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Sat, 4 December 2021 ל כסלו תשפ״ב