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Membership Renewal 5781

A copy of the High Holiday letter is available on the NoticeBoard.
Please note that members who do not renew their membership risk having their account suspended.

If you are currently a member and have a login ID (usually your email address), please try to login here before continuing with the form.

E-mail address to receive confirmation and payment instructions

Annual dues ₪1000 per family., ₪500 for singles and single-parent families.
Members not resident in Rehovot get a 50% discount

Enter joining fee installment (₪). 

New members are granted  up to two years of temporary membership. They must then complete their payment of a one-time ₪2000 joining fee (₪1000 for singles), thereby becoming full members. Temporary members residing outside Rehovot are allowed to postpone payment of the joining fee indefinitely. 
Minyan signup has now been moved to (login required). There is no extra seat charge.

The above fee does not include your voluntary donations to tzedaka and the general shul fund. You will be asked to add your donations when you receive payment instructions.

Please contact if you do not receive confirmatory e-mail after submitting your form.

Sun, 13 June 2021 ג תמוז תשפ״א