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Berman Shul - Bulletin

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ידיעון עדכני, מהדורות קודמות ומידע נוסף באתר

 Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center

מרכז קהילתי ע"ש הרב יעקב ברמן

 Parashat Terumah 5778 פרשת תרומה תשע'ח

Rosh Hodesh Adar

Candle Lighting: Friday, February 16 17:06

Havdala: Saturday, February 17 18:05



Kiddush on Shabbat is sponsored by Rivka and Steve Kronengold to mark the Yahrtzeit of Steve's father, Nahum ben Yehuda Halevi z'l

Hashkama minyan qiddush is sponsored by Nastacia and Binyamin Adler Berke


Bereavement and Memorial זיכרון ושכול

  • We regret to announce the passing of Dr. Arthur Moss ז'ל, the father of our member Kathy Lowengrub. The funeral will take place in Rochester New York, and Kathy will be sitting shiva there along with her family. Detailed information will be sent out by email when it becomes available. המקום ינחם אותה בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
  • **This Friday**The azkarah marking Rachel Garfinkel's z"l 21st yahrzeit and Lenny Garfinkel's z"l 13th yahrzeit will take place at the Rehovot cemetery, IY"H, on Friday, 16 February/Rosh Chodesh Adar at 10:30am. The children and extended family - both here and abroad - continue to be so touched and comforted by the community's loyalty to Rachel's and Lenny's memories over all the years.
  • There will be an Azkara for Mimi Hershkowitz A”H at the Rehovot cemetery this coming Wednesday, February 21st, at 8 AM.

SHUL ACTIVITIES, EVENTS AND REMINDERS תזכורות, אירועים ופעילויות של בית הכנסת

Please see several last-minute announcements at the bottom of the bulletin.

  • Yeshiva gates. There have been some changes regarding the eastern gates to the yeshiva campus, and their status may be in flux over the next few weeks. The current situation is that the north-east gate (near the Ra'mim apartments) has been locked by the Iriya, and will remain closed. The south-east gate (near the gym) has an electronic lock for week-days (code on the member's only page), and will probably be open on shabbat.
  • Lost at Berman shul this past Shabbat: Woman's scarf, dark purple with gold stripe. If found, please contact Rosalie Brosilow, 08 949 4851 or 052 736 7760.
  • Printed shul directory. We are [still] preparing for the biennial printing of our members' directory. The information used is based on your entry in the members' directory on our website. Please check your information, and log in to correct any errors. Please see for a bilingual explanation of how to update your details.
  • הדפסת מאגר בית הכנסת. אנחנו מתכוננים לקראת הדפסת מאגר החברים שלנו, המתבצעת מדי שנתיים. המידע מבוסס על המידע שהזנתם במאגר החברים באתר שלנו. אנא בדקו את המידע והתחברו כדי לבצע תיקונים במידת הצורך. לפרטים נוספים והנחיות לביצוע עדכונים בפרטים הנ"ל, יש להקליק על הקישור הבא: תודה! 
  • Please join us for our Pre-Purim Chesed Event for parents and children (adults without children welcome to contribute) at Matnas Havayyot, co-sponsored by Bermans, on Monday February 26, 2018 from 17:00-19:00. Each child is asked to bring a gift, which the kids will wrap and decorate together. The wrapped presents will be distributed to poor children. There will also be Purim art activities, snacks and fun. We are looking for volunteers to help with set up and clean up, and other jobs. Please contact Leora Ronen to sign up/volunteer 0508936488, or mail: More info here.
  • פעילות חסד הורים וילדים. ביום שני ה-26.2.2018 י"א אדר , בין השעות 17:00-19:00 באולם האירועים של חוויות שוויץ תתקיים פעילות הורים וילדים המיועדת להמחיש לילדים את מצוות "מתנות לאביונים" ליצור נתינה חווייתית. מה להביא? מתנות אותן נעטוף ונקשט בשמחה- כל מתנה תתקבל בברכה. נשמח למתנדבים שיעזרו ביום האירוע. על מנת שנוכל להיערך בהתאם, נא להירשם מראש (לא חובה)(משתתפים, מתנדבים ותורמים) אצל ליאורה 0508936488 או במייל מידע נוסף כאן.
  • Community Purim seudah with dancing, a bubble show, schpiels and good laughs, plenty of food and wine, and lots of holiday cheer! Seudah will be on Thursday March 1 at 13:00. Costs: Adult - 40; Child over 2 - 30; Family - 150. Please register via this link: Anyone who wants to perform at the event should  contact Rivka Schmell-Meister. Payment instructions will be sent to participants.
  • סעודת פורים קהילתית עם ריקודים, מופע בועות, אוכל כיד המלך, יין, והרבה שמחה! עלויות: מבוגר - 40; ילד מעל שנתיים - 30; משפחה - 150 .נא להירשם בגוגלדוק המקושר!
  • Torah readers needed for parshiot in Sefer Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim. To volunteer, please contact Rami Shaanani for the main minyan (only Balak remains), or Moshe Appel for the Hashkama minyan. If anyone is planning a simcha at which they wish to read some or all of the parasha, please also notify Rami well in advance (though he can't promise to accommodate all requests).
  • מי שמעוניין לקרוא בתורה בספרים ויקרא ובמדבר ודברים מתבקש לפנות לרמי שאנני למנין המרכזי, או למשה אפל למנין ההשכמה. במנין המרכזי רק פרשת בלק נשארה עדיין ללא בעל קורא. כל הקודם זוכה. כל מי שמתכנן שמחה או אירוע בשבת במהלך השנה ומבקש לקרוא בתורה נא לפנות לרמי לעדכון הלוח מוקדם ככל האפשר (הוא לא מבטיח תשובה חיובית).
  • Weekly Taamei Hamikra הטעמה נכונה בקריאת התורה ותיקון שיבושים בתפילה, מדור שבועי



Chesed links: shabbat hospitality (if you would like invitations or to volunteer to host), contact info. and details of new families, to submit names for MiSheberachs for the ill (policy here), for help finding employment. For details, please see our website, under community.   

קישורי "חסד": אירוח בשבת; מידע ופרטי התקשרות של משפחות חדשות בקהילה; הגשת שמות ל-"מי שברך" לחולים (מדיניות כאן); עזרה בחיפוש עבודה. לפרטים נוספים היכנסו לאתר בית הכנסת בעמוד "קהילה".

Welcome to new families:

  • Welcome to Shoshana Levine! Prior to moving to Israel she was a medical technician in an emergency clinic. Now she is a masters student in the Faculty of Agriculture studying animal science and nutrition. Contact info:, 058-5845070. 
  • Welcome to Rivka and Reouel Evron, Yagel (5.5), Be’eri (3) and Meitar (9mos)! The family moved to Rehovot recently from Caesarea. Reouel is a mechanical engineer and Rivka is a lawyer. Contact info:, Rivka 054-4705748, Reouel 054-2020362.
  • Welcome to Deena and Eliran Mesika, and Nittai (Newborn!). Deena moved to Rehovot from Westchester, NY in 2013 and Eliran is Israeli. Deena is a licensed Social Worker (both in the US and Israel), Eliran  works for GitLab as Director of Strategic Partnerships. Contact info:, 0525800050- Eliran, 0533372828- Deena.
  • Welcome to Baruch Jacobi! Baruch, the father of our member, Chevi Rubin, JUST made Aliyah from Edison, NJ. His wife, Lilly, and his father in law, Jack Nasielski, will B"H be joining him at the beginning of the summer. He is a project manager with 25 years of experience in financial technology and is looking for new opportunities in Israel. Contact info:;  058-509-5274.

CALENDAR לוח זמנים

  • A PDF calendar of davening times and shiurim (now including March-April) is available for download (here).
  •  ניתן להוריד את לוח זמני התפילה והשיעורים (כעת כולל מרץ-אפריל)  בפורמט PDF – כאן.
  • Live calendar below with full schedule of Berman events, and other happenings. Click on any event to see details. If calendar doesn't appear click here.
  • הלוח להלן כולל את לוח הזמנים המלא של כל האירועים הרשמיים של קהילת ברמן ואירועים אחרים. הקישו על האירוע לקבלת פרטים נוספים. אם הלוח לא מופיע, לחצו כאן.
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva, etc.) are requested to have their event listed as an anonymous "private event" to avoid scheduling conflicts. Register here or send details to
  • חברים המארגנים אירועים פרטיים (כגון חתונה, מסיבת בר/בת-מצווה, וכדו') מתבקשים להירשם כדי שנוכל לרשום את התאריך כאירוע אנונימי פרטי ביומן. המטרה היא למנוע כפל אירועים באותו יום. הרשם בקישור זה  או לשלוח פרטים ל


Please note that we take no responsibility for the Halachic propriety or kashrut of items listed

  • T.E.A.M. (Matnas Havayyot Hamada English speakers group) Spring Trip on Monday, March 19, 2018 to Ya'ar Ilanot and the K'han Museum in Hadera. Includes lunch (meat) at Givat Haviva.For more details contact Ellen Lax 050-6874245 (or Ilana Friedlander 053-5706592). 
  • The Rehovot Anglo Hebrew Readers group begins to read and discuss a new book this Monday: הר האשר‎  by Amir Gutfreund. We meet every second Monday morning for one hour of reading Hebrew together. To join us, or if you have already read this book and would like to follow our comments and to add your own,  call Rosalie Brosilow, 08 949 4851 or 052 736 7760. 
  • Beit Chatam-lecture. We are pleased to invite the English speaking community to a lecture by:  ​​Rav Ze'ev ​​Leff, well known speaker and rav of Mattityahu on "Unmasking the Jewish people's greatest threat" – on Purim and unity.  Thursday, 7 Adar (22/2/18) at  8:00 pm, followed by Ma'ariv (≈9pm). Beit Chatam, 1a Shkolnik St., Rehovot ​Men and women invited - separate seating​.
  • Come to Emunah Rehovot’s lecture at 10 a.m. on Tuesday February 20th and hear Tamar Pfeffer Gik, a Clinical Dietician at Beilinson Hospital who will speak about “Nutirition for Senior Citizens -Lo Kedai! – Myth or Truth.“ This is our Membership Meeting – deposit your Emunah dues of NIS 60 for 2018 and you won’t pay for admission to this meeting.  Men and non members welcome.  Venue – the Pfeffer’s, 2/7 Rehov Hankin, Rehovot (with elevator).
  • For sale - used arranger keyboard Yamaha Tyros4.  Professional or advanced home use.  Excellent condition. 61 keys, 128 note polyphonic, over 1000 high-quality tones, over 400 accompaniment styles, MP3 player; loudspeakers, 1 GB expansion memory. Call Shmuel Safran 054-900-9152 or email:
  • Room wanted- June-July. Male 19 year old American college student (currently studying in yeshiva in Jerusalem) looking for housing while he will be doing a research project at the Volcani institute from mid-June to end of July (5-6 weeks). He would like to be in the Anglo environment of Rehovot, specifically Berman's. He is learned and quick-witted, and can possibly cook. Any leads for a room (possibly with board) situation would be appreciated. Josh Klein 050-622-0349.
  • The Golan is now green and beautiful. Base your tours at Tova (grew up in Berman) Hammerman Hadad's Tzimmers, "Ruach Dromit" in Avnei Eitan in the southern Golan next to Nachal El Al. Call Tova at 054-5684574.

Last week's Basement:

  • Town Playhouse presents Stephen Sondheim's award winning musical “Assassins”, based on an incisive book by John Weidman, which imagines what nine men and women who attempted to assassinate the president of the United States (four of them successfully) would have said to each other and to us if they could.  A tragic comedy about how a country built on dreams can lead to chaos and despair. Yisrael Levitt is playing the role of The Proprietor. Thurs Feb 15 8pm, Sat Feb 17 8:30 pm, Sun Feb 18 5pm & 8pm, Tues Feb 20 8pm, Thurs Feb 22 5pm & 8pm, Sat Feb 22 8:30 pm At AACI, 37 Pierre Koenig St, Jerusalem.Tickets 80 NIS (65 NIS AACI members, 60 NIS students & soldiers). Call 02-566-1181 ext. 311 or book online at:
  • The Hadara Yehudit Emunah Chapter of Rehovot is collecting Purim costumes for the Emunah kindergarten in Gedera. Many of these children come from families who are living below the poverty line. All the children are dressed up from costumes in the gan, which are used from year to year. But due to wear and tear they are in need of simple costumes for 1 year-old children as well as those for 2 and 3 year olds. NOT bee costumes or ladybirds. The costumes should be clean, and in good condition. Please phone Barbara Pfeffer if you are able to donate something at 054-5581 300. We are also appealing for clothing in good condition and CLEAN, as well as shoes for these children from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old. Also, children's books in Ivrit and toys all in good condition, are always welcome additions. To donate, please phone Barbara Pfeffer at 054-558-1300.


Late arriving announcements (Please note..This is the LAST TIME the Bulletin will accept additions after the regular Wednesday evening deadline):

  • We received numerous substantive comments to the AGM minutes, resulting in some major changes to this document. We ask the membership to please take a second look here, before the minutes are ratified.
  • Scholar in residence. We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Dr. Yissachar Seussowitz will be our scholar in residence on Shabbat Zachor, Feb 23-24. He holds a PhD in psychology (though he now strongly eschews secular studies), and his life's work has been dedicated to discovering and re-introducing little known chumrot. His seforim portray his educational philosophy, suggesting that children should be taught as many of these chumrot as possible. Please make an effort to come, as we believe that Rabbi Seussowitz's approach reflects the values to which our community should aspire. He will be giving three lectures:
    *Friday night, Feb 23rd, 8:00 PM. "Do not Hop on Pop: The important mitzva of kibbud horim: Your parent is not your friend".
    *Shabbat morning, after kiddush at 11:00. "I can read with my eyes closed: Studies in kavanah". 
    *Shabbat afternoon after mincha. "Fox in Socks: Topics in tznius". Why the Women of Rehovot should wear socks, especially in the summer".
  • In deference to Dr. Seussowitz the kiddush next week will be conducted with gender separation. Signs will indicate areas where the men and women may (separately) congregate.
  • Bermans and JOFA- The Berman shul together with the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance is pleased to invite you to a Purim lecture by a renowned rabbi from one of the leading pre-military mechinot. Our speaker was recently featured in a video instructing his students as part of a marriage-preparation class. He stated that women's greatest talent is in the arts, namely kippa knitting, that they cannot attain the spiritual heights of men, that they babble, are less intelligent than men, are poor drivers, and only pretend to multi-task. Lecture topic: Tshuva.


For bulletin submissions / subscriptions, write to לרישום או להגשת מודעות לידיעון כתבו מייל ל

Rabbi Jacob Berman Community Center, P.O. Box 1146, Rehovot 7611101

Wed, 21 February 2018 ו אדר תשע״ח