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Membership Renewal and High Holiday Seats

A copy of the High Holiday letter is available on the NoticeBoard. A table of prices appears at the bottom of this page.
Please note that prices increase after 31st August

If you are currently a member and have a login ID (usually your email address), please try to login here before continuing with the form.

E-mail address to receive confirmation and payment instructions

Annual dues ₪850

Joining fee installment (₪) 


Choice of seating preference is primarily for Beit Midrash rather than the other minyan. It will be honoured as far as possible based on availability.

Click the + above  for each person requiring a seat

Please note that the Beit Midrash is now sold out. Seat orders for this minyan will be transferred to other minyanim.

This box is not for placing actual seat orders, but for additional requests, preferences or other comments.

This does not include your donation to tzedaka, You will be asked to add your donation when you receive payment instructions.

Your submission will be confirmed within a few minutes, with an e-mail that summarises your order and provides payment instructions. Please contact if you do not receive the confirmatory e-mail.

Prices For Membership And  High-Holiday Seats

Category Until 31-Aug-2017 After 31-Aug-2017
Member   A. Adults including unmarried children over 22 living at home ₪130 ₪180
B. Children under 22 and any age in compulsory IDF service  ₪65 ₪80
Guest C. Non-Rehovot guests, including grandchildren ₪130 ₪180
Rehovot-resident non-member D. New in Rehovot (first year) ₪250 ₪250
E. Resident one year or longer ₪400 ₪400
Membership renewal for 5778 ₪750 ₪850



Fri, 22 June 2018 ט תמוז תשע״ח